“EHZ Technologies” Cathodic Protection

“ECP Technologies” Cathodic Protection

Графитопласт изделиеCathodic protection is an effective method to fight the corrosion of the ordinary and gas pipelines.


The effectiveness of the cathodic metal protection method lies in the principle of its action that is by lowering the potential of metal, we approach null value of anode current.

Thus, applying such kind of the electrochemical protection, the “negative” pole of the outer current source is connected to the metal product which serves as the cathode.

In order to lock the current circuit, the “positive” pole of the source is connected to the anode which at this scheme serves as the electrode. It is important to remember that in order for the scheme to work effectively, anode must be located in the similar environment (ground, water) as the object that is intended to be protected from corrosion.

Cathodic polarization of the underground metal construction is performed using draining, cathodic and sacrificial protection. This kind of protection is usually used for the underground pipelines to protect them from the soil corrosion.

схема катодной защиты

Despite the fact that the scheme of the cathodic protection action is comparable to the sacrificial metal protection, it is still considered to be more effective and more applicable to the elimination of the anode zones of the pipelines.