глубинный анодный заземлитель АЗК(Г)Application

AZK (G) is a deeply submerged anode grounding rod intended for soils with high resistivity and for urban and other highly restricted areas which are not suitable for rods of other types.



AZK(G) is an assembled unit consisting of AZK anodes placed in special steel cases; such units, in their turn, are assembled to strings and then lowered into a vertical hole; the remaining free space is filled in by carbon filling types AZB, KMA, coke or soil. The case of the rod dissolves quickly during service. Gases evolving in the rod are exhausted via a perforated gas tube which goes up with electric wires to the surface.






анодный заземлитель1- AZK(G) rod;
2 - anode case;
3 - - carrying frame with connector;
4 - - cable;
5 - - carbon fill or soil;
6 - - gas tube;
7 - cover;
8 - - gravel;
9 – soil


Grounding rod units are assembled under plant conditions and delivered to customers ready for installation. The units are assembled on site before lowering to the hole. The string of the rods (number of units, cable length, other) are specified by the design of the cathodic protection system.



Technical characteristics anode grounding rod (deep)

анодный заземлитель



Technical characteristics of anode grounding rods for deep bore positioning are similar to those of their subsurface versions.

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