Equipment for the Electrochemical Protection against Corrosion

Equipment for the Electrochemical Protection against Corrosion

металлоизделияElectrochemical protection is the cathodic defense technique that works with deliberate metal destruction, and anodic defense technique that works with electrode potential moving into the direction of the range of values.


Electrochemical protection of metal against corrosion is based on how fast such corrosion is spread and the metal electrode potential that needs to be protected.

In general, such dependence carries a complicated character. As a matter of principle, metals or alloys must be used in such sphere of potentials with the speed of the anodic dissolution lower than the acceptable limit, determined through calculating the time equipment has been in use and the acceptable level of contamination of technological environment with corrosion products.

It is important to remember that the very corrosion process does not require metal to be placed specifically into the electrolyte. The formation of the electrolyte film on its surface would be enough (such substances often seep through the ground or concrete, and surround the metal). The most common reason of the metal electrochemical corrosion is the use of the household and technical salt (sodium chloride and potassium) during the black ice period in the winter time. Houses, car bottoms and the underground communication systems are at the highest risk of suffering from it.

On the other hand, electrochemical corrosion can be caused by a so called “wondering current” which is formed from the leakage of the current into water and soil. The wondering current most often appears in the places of the above-ground electric transport (e.g. trams and w / d locomotives on electricity). It takes only one year for such1A power discharges to be able to dissolve 9.1 kg of iron, 10.7 kg of zinc and 33.4 kg of lead.

Only 30 percent of all metal exist in the world today. Nearly 70 percent of all metals have been destroyed by corrosion. This is one of the major reasons why economists and technologists worldwide are constantly working on the development and improvement of technology to combat corrosion. This helps to save resources and increase the time of service of metal products significantly. For example, cathodic technology of pipeline protection against corrosion will increase its serviceableness by almost 30 years!

Thanks to its economic benefits cathodic protection stations became an invaluable part of oil and gas pipelines operation around the world.

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