Graphiteplastics: Properties and Scope of Use

Graphiteplastics: Properties and Scope of Use

Графитопласт изделиеГGraphiteplastics is the plastic product which contains the filling of graphite or any other carbonized substance (coke, thermoanthracite). Phenolic resins, Polyamides, Fluorine etc. usually serve as binding substances.


Thermoplastics which also contain graphite are used to make various machinery parts that operate in the nodes with increased friction without lubrication (bearing shells).

In the very beginning, graphite-plastic molding powders (antegmit), granules and potting compounds are obtained. Then, with the method of hot press the molding powders are used to make the machinery parts.

Properties of the graphiteplastics are numerous, and it all depends on the filler and binder. It is important to mention that the granulated graphiteplastics which is obtained from polyamides and PTFE-4 has high levels of wear resistance as well as oil- petrol and alkali resistance.


Electro-technical products made from graphite

графитGraphite serves as one of the ingredients of depolarizers and galvanic elements’ electrodes. It is also added to the weight of electrode to improve its formation. Graphite electrodes are made from pure graphite.

This material is also used to make arc coals for spotlights and movie cameras.